Advanced and proprietary technologies applied for removal of pesticides, plasticizers, heavy metals and benzopyrene residues in the botanical extract.

Quality system:


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Quality system:

The company adheres to the concept of quality of survival, in order to meet the domestic and foreign customer requirements on product quality, the company can long-term development, according to the new version of GMP China to establish a complete quality system, quality system and common food safety management system - ISO22000 (including the HACCP certification system), to the company to provide a strong ensure the production of quality products.

According to the company's actual situation, the development of a clear quality plan and quality objectives, as follows:

Quality: people-oriented, leading technology, strict quality control, quality service, concerned about the health of each person.

Quality goal:

1, product factory inspection batch pass rate of 100%;

2, the product is a major accident zero (significant food safety losses caused by more than 50000 yuan);

3, customer satisfaction survey of more than 95%;

4, the training of qualified rate of more than 90%.

These objectives have been broken down to various departments:

(A) marketing department: customer complaints handling rate of 100%;

(B) the Department of Administration: quarterly organization of all employees to participate in food quality and safety training, training pass rate of ≥ 90%;

(C) the production department: 1, product storage pass rate of 100%; 2, a major safety rate of 0%;

(D) Engineering Department: the normal operation rate of equipment more than 95%;

(E) Purchasing Department: to ensure that the production of raw materials to pass the pass rate of 100%;

(F) Quality: 1, the number of inspection errors is not greater than 2 times / year; all levels of sampling rate of 100%;

(G) Production / Warehouse: The damage rate of the product is not more than 0.5%.



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