Advanced and proprietary technologies applied for removal of pesticides, plasticizers, heavy metals and benzopyrene residues in the botanical extract.

Production Process


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Production Process

   In order to we can produce high quality products,Nuoz devote a lot of energy, money  and expense.We established a complete production system.Factories in strict accordance with the GMP standards. We equipped with a full set of equipment, such as WATERS high performance liquid chromatography,  Ultraviolet Detector,Agilent gc/solvent residual pesticide residues detection instrument etc to strictly control material,intermediates,final products quality. 
   Quality Assurance: Nuoz have a complete quality system to ensure production orderly,products meet quality requirements .Include material,intermediates,final products quality control,sampling operation, clearance inspection, clean area Monitoring, management of suppliers, management of state signs, investigation and handling of deviation, management of change control, investigation and handling of product quality accidents, management of user complaints, management of batch records, product recall etc . 

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