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Nuoz is officially awarded as high-tech enterprise

Author: Nuoz [ 2017-03-15 12:02:24 ]

        February 16, 2017, the city of Science and Technology Mr. Chenheqing, deputy director of the rate of relevant departments in charge of my company, to my company "high-tech enterprises" qualification licensing, accompanied by the leadership of Science and Technology Bureau.  
        High-tech enterprises is a enterprises of a "gold standard", but also a corporate scientific and technological strength and the comprehensive level of science and technology. At first Mr. Chen Heqing congratulated our company on the high-tech enterprise qualification and last year's outstanding achievements in the national, provincial and municipal innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, and then listened to the company's development plan and situation report this year. He hoped that the company would make persistent efforts to further Large technology investment, and enhance innovation, and constantly out of new products and boutique, to fight the leader of the proposed community. Finally, he encouraged and asked the company to "integrity legislation plant, the quality of strong plants, science and technology plant, security factory."


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