Advanced and proprietary technologies applied for removal of pesticides, plasticizers, heavy metals and benzopyrene residues in the botanical extract.

Nuoz out of Hunan, into the entrepreneurial war

Author: Nuoz [ 2017-03-15 11:37:42 ]


        August 31, Hunan Nuoze biology came good news, the company to participate in the "Fifth China Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition (Hunan Division) and the third Hunan Innovation Entrepreneurs Competition" Innovation Project "Health ginseng health life - - no agricultural residue ginsenoside industrialization project "successful promotion, into the entrepreneurial war. 

        China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition by the Ministry of Science and Technology Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education and the National Federation of Industry and Commerce and other ministries and commissions co-guidance, organized by the current domestic specifications, the largest and most influential innovation and entrepreneurship. Hunan Division Competition launched in May to "innovation and entrepreneurship, dream of Hunan" as the theme. The total number of entries is 1365, doubling from last year and reaching a record high. Among them, the enterprise group registration 625, team group registration 740, respectively, ranked the national sub-division 13th and 7th. Company participating in the "healthy ginseng health life - no pesticide ginsenosides industrialization project", after the preliminaries, semi-finals of the fierce fight. In the semi-final with outstanding achievements successfully into the Hunan Provincial Finals, the national industry finals, in the biological health industry in the second place. 

        The innovation contest, Hunan Province, a total of 127 projects (for the project 12%, the enterprise group 81, group 46) for the fifth session of Chinese innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Hunan Division) and the third session of the Hunan provincial innovation contest due diligence, 36 projects (Enterprise Group 26, group 10 a national industry promotion) match candidates, 36 projects (enterprise group 22, group 14) qualify for the provincial finals candidates, Hunan nose in Hunan Province, finals, finals of national industries have taken a valuable one.  

        Hunan Nuoz biological technology Co., Ltd. Long-term focus on the research, production and sales of low pesticide residues plant extracts and provides high-quality natural materials for the domestic and foreign manufacturers of natural medicine, healthy food, beverage and cosmetic products. At present, Nuoz has established a close technical cooperation relationships with many research institutions, Nuoz has solved a series problems in herb extract, such as pesticide residues, plasticizer residues and heavy metals residues, which is good for customers and finally Nuoz can offer healthy herb extract products. The company's entry into the "healthy ginseng health life - no pesticide residue ginsenoside industrialization project", the main advantage is no pesticide residues, health, environmental protection, organic, in line with modern consumer trends. At present, the company is actively preparing for war, and strive to achieve better results in the national war! 

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