Advanced and proprietary technologies applied for removal of pesticides, plasticizers, heavy metals and benzopyrene residues in the botanical extract.

Proia cocos Sclerotia

Proia cocos Sclerotia

Proia cocos Sclerotia
  Product Name:   Proia cocos Sclerotia
  unit weight:   kg
  MOQ:   1
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  lead time:   In stock
  Delivery method:   Logistics / Express
  Extraction process:   extracted by Ethanol / water , and then purified by purification and derived
  Used part:   Sclerotium
  Extract soluble:   water
  Ingredients:   具有β(1→6)吡喃葡萄糖聚糖支链的β(1→3)吡喃葡萄糖聚糖 Β (1 → 3) glucopyranoside with β (1 → 6) glucopyranoside
  Molecular formula:    

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